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    Bimal Poddar, Intel,  
    Dave Gosselin, ATI Technologies, Inc. (gosselin 'at'  
    Dan Ginsburg, ATI Technologies, Inc. (dginsbur 'at'  
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    Complete. Approved by ARB on February 16, 2001.  
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    Last modified date: 2001/05/15  
homeprevnext Number
    ARB Extension #19  
homeprevnext Dependencies
    This extension is written against the OpenGL 1.2.1 Specification.  
    OpenGL 1.1, ARB_multitexture and ARB_texture_env_combine are required   
    for this extension.  
homeprevnext Overview
    Adds new operation to the texture combiner operations.  
        DOT3_RGB_ARB                    Arg0 <dotprod> Arg1  
        DOT3_RGBA_ARB                   Arg0 <dotprod> Arg1  
    where Arg0, Arg1 are specified by <params> parameter of   
    TexEnvf, TexEnvi, TexEnvfv, and TexEnviv when the <pname>  
    parameter value is SOURCE0_RGB_ARB and SOURCE1_RGB_ARB.  
homeprevnext Issues
 1. This extension is an ARB version of EXT_texture_env_dot3 which bears  
    a copyright by ATI Technologies. Is ATI willing to have the ARB  
    go ahead and modify their original spec and use it for the   
    ARB extension.  
    - RESOLVED: ATI does not have a problem with the copyright issue.  
 2. The EXT version of the spec does not multiply the output by   
    RGB_SCALE_ARB and ALPHA_SCALE_ARB. There is no reason to impose this  
    restriction since it makes the scale operations non-orthogonal.   
    Should the enum values for the new tokens in this extension should  
    be the same as the original EXT version?  
    - RESOLVED: No.  
homeprevnext New Procedures and Functions
homeprevnext New Tokens
    Accepted by the <params> parameter of TexEnvf, TexEnvi, TexEnvfv,  
    and TexEnviv when the <pname> parameter value is COMBINE_RGB_ARB  
        DOT3_RGB_ARB                                    0x86AE  
        DOT3_RGBA_ARB                                   0x86AF  
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 2 of the GL Specification (OpenGL Operation)
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 3 of the GL Specification (Rasterization)
    Added to table 3.20 of the ARB_texture_env_combine spec:  
        COMBINE_RGB_ARB         Texture Function  
        ---------------         ----------------  
        DOT3_RGB_ARB            4*((Arg0_r - 0.5)*(Arg1_r - 0.5) +  
                                   (Arg0_g - 0.5)*(Arg1_g - 0.5) +  
                                   (Arg0_b - 0.5)*(Arg1_b - 0.5))  
                                This value is placed into all three  
                                r,g,b components of the output.  
        DOT3_RGBA_ARB           4*((Arg0_r - 0.5)*(Arg1_r - 0.5) +  
                                   (Arg0_g - 0.5)*(Arg1_g - 0.5) +  
                                   (Arg0_b - 0.5)*(Arg1_b - 0.5))  
                                This value is placed into all four  
                                r,g,b,a components of the output. Note  
                                that the result generated from   
                                COMBINE_ALPHA_ARB function is ignored.  
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 4 of the OpenGL 1.2 Specification (Per-Fragment Operations and the Framebuffer)
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 5 of the GL Specification (Special Functions)
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 6 of the GL Specification (State and State Requests)
homeprevnext Additions to the GLX Specification
homeprevnext GLX Protocol
homeprevnext Errors
    INVALID_ENUM is generated if <params> value for COMBINE_RGB_ARB  
    is not one of REPLACE, MODULATE, ADD, ADD_SIGNED_ARB,   
homeprevnext New State
homeprevnext New Implementation Dependent State
homeprevnext Revision History
    01/05/15  bpoddar   Fixed a mistake in the spec - DOT3_RGB_ARB and  
                        DOT3_RGBA_ARB are not valid arguments when  
                        <pname> parameter is COMBINE_ALPHA_ARB  
    01/02/02  bpoddar   Added original EXT/ARB contributors to the contact  
    00/12/13  bpoddar   Added enum values for DOT3_RGB_ARB and DOT3_RGBA_ARB  
                        Added resolution to issue # 1.  
    00/12/06  bpoddar   Fixed typos - EXT -> ARB, RED_SCALE -> RGB_SCALE  
    00/12/01  bpoddar   Created an ARB version of the ARB_texture_env_dot3   
                        by breaking up the proposed ARB_texture_env_combine  
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