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    Benj Lipchak 
homeprevnext Contact
    Rob Mace, ATI Research (mace 'at' 
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homeprevnext Version
    Last Modified Date: December 30, 2002 
    Revision: 8 
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homeprevnext Dependencies
    The extension is written against the OpenGL 1.3 Specification. 
    OpenGL 1.3 is required. 
    ARB_fragment_program affects the definition of this extension. 
homeprevnext Overview
    This extension extends ARB_fragment_program to allow multiple output  
    colors, and provides a mechanism for directing those outputs to  
    multiple color buffers. 
homeprevnext Issues
    (1) How many GL_DRAW_BUFFER#_ATI enums should be reserved?   
      RESOLVED: We only need 4 currently, but for future expandability  
      it would be nice to keep the enums in sequence.  We'll specify 
      16 for now, which will be more than enough for a long time. 
homeprevnext New Procedures and Functions
    void DrawBuffersATI(sizei n, const enum *bufs); 
homeprevnext New Tokens
    Accepted by the <pname> parameters of GetIntegerv, GetFloatv, 
    and GetDoublev: 
        MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_ATI                    0x8824 
        DRAW_BUFFER0_ATI                        0x8825 
        DRAW_BUFFER1_ATI                        0x8826 
        DRAW_BUFFER2_ATI                        0x8827 
        DRAW_BUFFER3_ATI                        0x8828 
        DRAW_BUFFER4_ATI                        0x8829 
        DRAW_BUFFER5_ATI                        0x882A 
        DRAW_BUFFER6_ATI                        0x882B 
        DRAW_BUFFER7_ATI                        0x882C 
        DRAW_BUFFER8_ATI                        0x882D 
        DRAW_BUFFER9_ATI                        0x882E 
        DRAW_BUFFER10_ATI                       0x882F 
        DRAW_BUFFER11_ATI                       0x8830 
        DRAW_BUFFER12_ATI                       0x8831 
        DRAW_BUFFER13_ATI                       0x8832 
        DRAW_BUFFER14_ATI                       0x8833 
        DRAW_BUFFER15_ATI                       0x8834 
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 2 of the OpenGL 1.3 Specification (OpenGL Operation)
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 3 of the OpenGL 1.3 Specification (Rasterization)
    Modify Section 3.11.2, Fragment Program Grammar and Semantic  
    (replace <resultBinding> grammar rule with these rules) 
    <resultBinding>        ::= "result" "." "color" <optOutputColorNum> 
                             | "result" "." "depth" 
    <optOutputColorNum>    ::= "" 
                             | "[" <outputColorNum> "]" 
    <outputColorNum>       ::= <integer> from 0 to MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_ATI-1 
    Modify Section, Fragment Program Results 
    (modify Table X.3) 
        Binding                        Components  Description 
        -----------------------------  ----------  ---------------------------- 
        result.color[n]                (r,g,b,a)   color n  
        result.depth                   (*,*,*,d)   depth coordinate 
        Table X.3:  Fragment Result Variable Bindings.  Components labeled 
        "*" are unused.  "[n]" is optional -- color <n> is used if  
        specified; color 0 is used otherwise. 
    (modify third paragraph)  If a result variable binding matches  
    "result.color[n]", updates to the "x", "y", "z", and "w" components  
    of the result variable modify the "r", "g", "b", and "a" components,  
    respectively, of the fragment's corresponding output color.  If  
    "result.color[n]" is not both bound by the fragment program and  
    written by some instruction of the program, the output color <n> of  
    the fragment program is undefined. 
    Add a new Section  Draw Buffers Program Option 
    If a fragment program specifies the "ATI_draw_buffers" option, 
    it will generate multiple output colors, and the result binding 
    "result.color[n]" is allowed, as described in section, 
    and with modified grammar rules as set forth in section 3.11.2. 
    If this option is not specified, a fragment program that attempts 
    to bind "result.color[n]" will fail to load, and only "result.color" 
    will be allowed. 
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 4 of the OpenGL 1.3 Specification (Per-Fragment Operations and the Frame Buffer)
    Modify Section 4.2.1, Selecting a Buffer for Writing (p. 168) 
    (modify the title and first paragraph, p. 168) 
    4.2.1 Selecting Color Buffers for Writing 
    The first such operation is controlling the color buffers into 
    which each of the output colors are written.  This is accomplished 
    with either DrawBuffer or DrawBuffersATI.  DrawBuffer defines the 
    set of color buffers to which output color 0 is written. 
    (insert paragraph between first and second paragraph, p. 168)   
    DrawBuffer will set the draw buffer for output colors other than 0  
    to NONE.  DrawBuffersATI defines the draw buffers to which all  
    output colors are written. 
      void DrawBuffersATI(sizei n, const enum *bufs); 
    <n> specifies the number of buffers in <bufs>.  <bufs> is a pointer 
    to an array of symbolic constants specifying the buffer to which  
    each output color is written.  The constants may be NONE,  
    AUXn, where n + 1 is the number of available auxiliary buffers.  The  
    draw buffers being defined correspond in order to the respective  
    output colors.  The draw buffer for output colors beyond <n> is set  
    to NONE. 
    If the "ATI_draw_buffers" fragment program option, is not being used 
    then DrawBuffersATI specifies a set of draw buffers into which output 
    color 0 is written. 
    The maximum number of draw buffers is implementation dependent and  
    must be at least 1.  The number of draw buffers supported can 
    be queried with the state MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_ATI. 
    The constants FRONT, BACK, LEFT, RIGHT, and FRONT_AND_BACK that 
    refer to multiple buffers are not valid for use in DrawBuffersATI 
    and will result in the error INVALID_OPERATION. 
    If DrawBuffersATI is supplied with a constant (other than NONE) 
    that does not indicate any of the color buffers allocated to 
    the GL context, the error INVALID_OPERATION will be generated.  If  
    <n> is greater than MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_ATI, the error  
    INVALID_OPERATION will be generated. 
    (replace last paragraph, p. 169) 
    The state required to handle color  
    buffer selection is an integer for each supported output color.  In  
    the initial state, draw buffer for output color 0 is FRONT if there  
    are no back buffers; otherwise it is BACK.  The initial state of  
    draw buffers for output colors other then 0 is NONE. 
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 5 of the OpenGL 1.3 Specification (Special Functions)
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 6 of the OpenGL 1.3 Specification (State and State Requests)
homeprevnext Dependencies on ARB_fragment_program
    If ARB_fragment_program is not supported then all changes to 
    section 3.11 are removed. 
homeprevnext Interactions with possible future extensions
    If there is some other future extension that defines multiple 
    color outputs then this extension and glDrawBuffersATI could be 
    used to define the destinations for those outputs.  This extension 
    need not be used only with ARB_fragment_program. 
homeprevnext Errors
    The error INVALID_OPERATION is generated by DrawBuffersATI if a 
    color buffer not currently allocated to the GL context is specified. 
    The error INVALID_OPERATION is generated by DrawBuffersATI if <n> 
    is greater than the state MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_ATI. 
    The error INVALID_OPERATION is generated by DrawBuffersATI if value in 
    <bufs> does not correspond to one of the allowed buffers. 
homeprevnext New State
    (table 6.19, p227) add the following entry: 
    Get Value                        Type    Get Command    Initial Value Description           Section       Attribute 
    -------------------------------  ------  -------------  ------------- --------------------  ------------  ------------ 
    DRAW_BUFFERi_ATI                 Z10*    GetIntegerv    see 4.2.1     Draw buffer selected  4.2.1         color-buffer 
                                                                          for output color i 
homeprevnext New Implementation Dependent State
    Get Value                        Type  Get Command     Minimum Value    Description             Sec.     Attribute 
    ---------                        ----  -----------     -------------    -------------------     -----    --------- 
    MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_ATI             Z+    GetIntegerv     1                Maximum number of       4.2.1    - 
                                                                            active draw buffers 
homeprevnext Revision History
   Date: 12/30/2002 
   Revision: 8 
      - Clarified that DrawBuffersATI will set the set of draw buffers to 
        write color output 0 to when the "ATI_draw_buffer" fragments 
        program option is not in use. 
   Date: 9/27/2002 
   Revision: 7 
      - Fixed confusion between meaning of color buffer and draw buffer 
        in last revision. 
      - Fixed mistake in when an error is generated based on the <n> 
        argument of DrawBuffersATI. 
   Date: 9/26/2002 
   Revision: 6 
      - Cleaned up and put in sync with latest ARB_fragment_program 
        revision (#22).  Some meaningless changes made just in the name 
        of consistency. 
   Date: 9/11/2002 
   Revision: 5 
      - Added section 
      - Added enum numbers to New Tokens. 
   Date: 9/9/2002 
   Revision: 4 
      - Changed error from MAX_OUTPUT_COLORS to MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS_ATI. 
      - Changed 3.10 section numbers to 3.11 to match change to 
        ARB_fragment_program spec. 
      - Changed ARB_fragment_program from required to affects, and 
        added section on interactions with it and future extensions 
        that define multiple color outputs. 
   Date: 9/6/2002 
   Revision: 3 
      - Changed error to INVALID OPERATION. 
      - Cleaned up typos. 
   Date: 8/19/2002 
   Revision: 2 
      - Added a paragraph that specifically points out that the  
        constants that refer to multiple buffers are not allowed with 
      - Changed bufs to <bufs> in a couple of places. 
   Date: 8/16/2002 
   Revision: 1 
      - First draft for circulation. 
      - First draft for circulation. 
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