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    Microsoft revision 1.00, April 17, 1996 (hockl)  
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    EXT_clip_volume_hint provides a mechanism for applications to  
    indicate that they do not require clip volume clipping for  
    primitives. It allows applications to maximize performance in  
    situations where they know that clipping is unnecessary.  
    EXT_clip_volume_hint is only an indication, though, and  
    implementations are free to ignore it.  
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homeprevnext New Tokens
    Accepted by the target parameter of Hint and the pname parameter of  
    GetBooleanv, GetDoublev, GetFloatv and GetIntegerv:  
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 2 of the GL Specification (OpenGL Operation)
    Before the last paragraph of Section 2.11, 'Clipping,' the following  
    text is added:  
        The EXT_clip_volume_hint extension can be used to indicate that  
        a primitive falls inside the current clip volume. In this case,  
        an implementation might not clip the primitive to the clip  
        volume, and the behavior of the GL is undefined if the primitive  
        extends beyond the clip volume.  
    In the fourth (clipping) paragraph of Section 2.12, 'Current Raster  
    Position,' the following text is added before the last sentence  
    "Figure 2.7 summarizes..."  
        Raster position clipping is not affected by the  
        CLIP_VOLUME_CLIPPING_HINT_EXT hint in the EXT_clip_volume_hint  
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 3 of the GL Specification (Rasterization)
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 4 of the GL Specification (Per-Fragment Operations and the Framebuffer)
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 5 of the GL Specification (Special Functions)
    Section 5.6, 'Hints,' should be changed to add the following  
    hint description:  
        CLIP_VOLUME_CLIPPING_HINT_EXT, indicating whether clipping to  
        the clip volume is necessary.  
homeprevnext Additions to Chapter 6 of the GL Specification (State and State Requests)
    In table 6.18, 'Hints,' the following entry is added:  
        Clip volume clipping hint|5.6|hint  
homeprevnext Revision History ----------------
    Original draft, revision 0.9, March 1, 1996 (drewb)  
    Minor revision, revision 0.91, March 8, 1996 (drewb)  
    Hint revision, revision 0.95, April 12, 1996 (drewb)  
        Changed from Enable-based to Hint-based.  Clarified  
        behavior of RasterPos.  
    More revision, revision 0.96, April 16, 1996 (hockl)  
        Changed extension and enumerant names.  Added robustness.  
        Changed it to have no effect on RasterPos.  
    More revision, revision 1.00, April 17, 1996 (hockl)  
        Removed robustness requirement.  
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