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Real-time Wetting of Porous Surfaces
K. Hnat, D.Porquet, S. Merillou, D. Ghazanfarpour
ICCVG 2006 - International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics 2006
September 25-27, Warsaw, Poland
Studying light reflection properties is a crucial factor in achieving a high degree of realism in image synthesis. Considered as a challenge in itself, it becomes even more complicated when dealing with specific changes in appearance due to external factors. Among these changes, one of the most common is wetting: surfaces appear darker and more specular as their wetting level increase. Such a phenomenon is of great visual importance in outdoor scenes under rain falls for example. This change in appearance is mainly due to the porous nature of surfaces. In this paper, we propose to handle a porous surface BRDF post-process model in real-time and to extend it to account for wetting, with simple and intuitive parameters.
The paper (PDF - 3.9 MB)
High res. pictures and supplemental materials (PDF - 12 MB)
Video 1 : Wetting (and drying) of bricks
Video 2 : Wetting of bas-relief
Video 3 : Wetting of a stone
Source code (shaders)
vertex shader
pixel shader
Wet bas-relief 9 10
Drying of a brick 5 6 7 8
vs. virtual scene
3 4 1 2