Damien Porquet

University of Limoges - Sciences faculty
83, rue d'Isle, 87000 Limoges (FRANCE)
Mèl : porquet [at]
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Tel : 05 55 43 79 76 (standard)
Fax : 05 55 42 69 77

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Short biography
I am a research-staff member of the SIR (Realistic Images Synthesis) team from the department of computer sciences of the University of Limoges.
Since January 2006, this lab form part of the Mathematics & informatic department of the XLIM (UMR 6172) research institut.

I am working in the field of interactive rendering of complex scenes. More precisely, I am trying to create hybrid rendering methods combining the advantages (in terms of frame rate and storage space) of the image-based, point-based and geometry-based approaches.

Keywords : Real-time rendering, realistic images synthesis, image-based rendering, graphics cards.
Useful OpenGL stuff updated
On the internet, the OpenGL extensions specifications (ARB, NVidia, ATI, etc.. ) are always provided in the form of a single and unreable ASCII text file. I've made a small soft translating theses specifications files in HTML format, with automatic sectionning and hyperlinks creation.
OpenGL specs : here ! (last update : nov. 14, 2006)

Publications - List of publications on the lab site.
Short CV
2006-2007 Research and Development Engineer, David Lanier 3D, SARL
2006-2007 Informatic professor at the 3IL engineer school of Limoges
2004-2006 ATER at the University of Limoges
2001-2004 Ph. D. at the MSI lab. of Limoges.
2000-2001 Master Thesis (DEA) T3IA at Poitiers University.
1999-2000 Maîtrise d'informatique at Poitiers University.
1998-1999 Licence d'informatique at Poitiers University.

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